Strategies For Multi-Line Fishing For Carp In Ontario

With the incredibly exciting announcement of a three-rod regulation for the pursuit of Common Carp in Ontario, I amongst countless Ontarian Carp anglers are jubilant for this incredible opportunity. In all the excitement, I have already found myself contemplating multi-line fishing strategies for carp in what is possibly one of the most prolific fisheries in […]

Top Five Urban Carp Fishing Spots in Ontario

Sunrise while urban carp fishing on Rideau

When I first became obsessed with carp fishing seven years ago (with a particular interest in urban carp fishing), it was mainly due to their enormity and endurance. However, I feel there is something to be said about the sport’s accessibility.  Being a university student, money seldom stayed in my pockets for long. At the […]

Baitrunner Reels VS Big Pit Reels for Carp: The Great Carp Gear Battle

Baitrunner vs Big Pit

INTRODUCTION Having the proper tackle when you are pursuing a specific species is a huge determinant as to one’s success. This means that having a suitable rod, reel, line weight, and terminal tackle for the fish you are pursuing makes for a more successful and enjoyable angling experience. Let’s focus on a REEL key component […]

Top 5 Rigs for Carp Fishing

Top 5 Rigs for Carp

What are the best rigs for Carp? As a Carp fishing guide (and all-around Carp fishing enthusiastic), this is, perhaps, the question I’m asked most frequently. (Besides, maybe, what is the best bait for Carp?) If you’ve read my previous article, Top Five Best Baits for Carp Fishing, then you know that answering such a question demands consideration […]

Top 5 Best Baits For Carp Fishing

Top 5 Carp Baits

People often ask me what I think is the best bait for Carp fishing. This is an incredibly difficult question to answer because, much like other species that are pursued here in Ontario, the answer can change by the season, day or even by the hour. A common misconception is that Carp have taste buds […]

How to Get Ready For Spring Carp

Spring is a time of rebirth and awakening in more ways than one! After a long harsh Canadian winter, the water slowly returns to a fluid, and as the air temperature rises, so too does the temperature of the water. Eventually, a pivotal moment comes as the water reaches its maximum density at four degrees […]

Fish Care & Proper Fish Handling: Why It’s Important

Will releasing Salmon

Going back to earlier this year I remember stumbling upon a Facebook post from a fellow angler. This post simply read something along the lines of “44% Mortality… Disgusting.” Of course, I was morbidly curious as to what exactly my friend was on about. What I came to read horrified me, a fishing tournament held […]

Fishing for Carp at Night

Imagine this: it’s well past dark, and the water before you is yours. The sound of crickets and the water slapping against the shoreline fill the void, and then suddenly your drag begins screaming and you are into a fish of a lifetime. For those who have caught a carp, it’s no mystery as to […]